Brothered Up has been officially passed over by CBS. Back to the drawing board — we know there will be future opportunities and we will be here to support Adhir at every turn.


According to Variety:

“Brothered Up” — the buddy cop comedy that centers around an African-American cop (D.L. Hughley) and Pakistani cop (Adhir Kalyan) — is high on the comedy radar at CBS. Despite coming in late, given that one of the lead roles was re-cast with Hughley, the pilot tested “through the roof,” says a source.

And according to Deadline:

…things are still murky, but, against all odds, I hear multi-camera cop sitcom Brothered Up overcame a head-scratcher of a premise — an emotionally guarded African-American cop partnered with an emotionally available Pakistani cop as they patrol a Detroit neighborhood — and last-second recasting of one of the leads, which delayed the taping, to fare well in the first testings.


Adhir is set to co-lead a new pilot for CBS, Brothered Up. The series centers on Calvin, an emotionally guarded African-American cop who is partnered with Farooq, an emotionally available Pakistani cop, and they are forced to find a way to connect as they patrol a Detroit neighborhood.

We’ll bring you news as we get it!