Adhir is set to lead a new series for Amazon, Making Friends! The series centers on Mark, a brilliant guy with an artificial intelligence degree who creates robots and spends his days hanging out with them as his main group of friends.

Deadline has all the details over here.


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Good news! Aliens in America is now on free streaming service CW Seed, which is available online at and via app on various devices. It’s great to see the show in this kind of quality after so long, so hop, skip, jump.


Brothered Up has been officially passed over by CBS. Back to the drawing board — we know there will be future opportunities and we will be here to support Adhir at every turn.


I Love Dick, Jill Soloway’s series based on the novel by Chris Kraus, is back and the entire series is streaming on Amazon Prime.

[Trailer NSFW.]

Adhir appears in 6 of the 8 episodes this season, so jump on over and give a watch if you can.


According to Variety:

“Brothered Up” — the buddy cop comedy that centers around an African-American cop (D.L. Hughley) and Pakistani cop (Adhir Kalyan) — is high on the comedy radar at CBS. Despite coming in late, given that one of the lead roles was re-cast with Hughley, the pilot tested “through the roof,” says a source.

And according to Deadline:

…things are still murky, but, against all odds, I hear multi-camera cop sitcom Brothered Up overcame a head-scratcher of a premise — an emotionally guarded African-American cop partnered with an emotionally available Pakistani cop as they patrol a Detroit neighborhood — and last-second recasting of one of the leads, which delayed the taping, to fare well in the first testings.


Adhir is set to co-lead a new pilot for CBS, Brothered Up. The series centers on Calvin, an emotionally guarded African-American cop who is partnered with Farooq, an emotionally available Pakistani cop, and they are forced to find a way to connect as they patrol a Detroit neighborhood.

We’ll bring you news as we get it!


Lovely new audio interview up of Adhir discussing his and Emily’s trip back home to Durban, where his career is going, his favorite character to date, etc. Give a listen. 🙂

Matric class of 2016 must follow their dreams: Kalyan


So here’s a little recap of 2016:

Second Chance ran for one season. We were sad to see it end, and fans remained passionate and vocal about wanting a second season. But the work put in on the show by Adhir and everyone else involved was by all means truly excellent and we’ll really miss the show (and Otto!).

Adhir filmed as the lead in a pilot which ABC passed over, Square Roots. He featured in another pilot for Amazon, I Love Dick. Let’s hope these projects help him get his foot in the door for future opportunities…we know we’ll see more of him soon.

Best of all, Adhir married partner Emily Wilson in October! We are so excited for them and wish them all the happiness in the world! 🙂

(Right now you can see his lovely bride hosting The Hero Effect on OWN.)

We have a feeling big things are coming for Adhir…keep watch of this site and follow us on social media for updates as we get them.


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